Mures Tasmania shows their support for Ocean Respect Racing

Mures Tasmania were on hand with some well-deserved fish & chips and celebratory bubbles for the team of Ocean Respect Racing at the completion of their Rolex Sydney to Hobart race.

The crew were also invited to dine at Mures Upper Deck, where they were able to have the opportunity to talk to owner Will Mure about their common goals supporting the fight against plastic.

This incredible, first professional female crew are raising awareness about the importance of oceanic health and sustainabilityl, a cause that resonates strongly with the beliefs of Mures Tasmania as the business is a keen advocate of sustainable fishing.

Environmental sustainability has always been a part of Mures practice since the business was first established in 1973. Over the years the business has contributed greatly to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) by assisting in the development of practices for more efficient, sustainable management of Australian fish resources. This process led them to make a number of investments in technology, choices of fishing methodology and sourcing to demonstrate this commitment.

Read about the crew’s great work promoting the importance of sustainability here:

Tessa Beattie